Management Plan and Risk Assessments

 Risk Assessments for the Wider Opening of Schools in June 2020, During the Covid-19 Infection 


In preparing for the wider opening of schools, in June 2020, the Trust and our academy has taken account of all guidance provided by the Government in our preparations.   Before our academy was allowed to open for more children, a certificate for wider opening was signed by our Director of Learning Environment, the Headteacher and the CEO.  That certificate is to confirm that our risk assessments and the necessary control measures identified in them had all been completed and the school had completed all of its preparations in line with the Trust’s ‘Estates Management for Academies Commencing Operation Beyond Providers of EduCare’ and ‘Personal Protective Equipment Guidance for Academies Commencing Operation Beyond Providers of EduCare 26 May 2020’.  Both documents are available on our Reach South Academy Trust website at   The certificate for wider opening also sets out the total capacity of the school (adults and children) and the maximum number of children that can be admitted.  These numbers are calculated from the actual space available in our class bubbles while we maintain the strict 2m social distancing within them.  Our academy is not permitted to exceed that number of children on site so that we can all be assured that the social distancing requirements will be maintained.   In order to ensure that our academy was fully prepared for opening, a risk assessment process has been undertaken to identify the control measures required and implemented before the certificates for wider opening could be signed.  The summary of the risk assessments and control measures, carried out are provided in the Pilgrim School Pro RA Project Pack document found here.