Vision, Aims & Values

We Can and We Will:

 Aspire, Believe, Achieve

Our vision is for every child in our school to have the very best chance to lead a happy, successful and purposeful life.  

We want Pilgrim children to aspire to great things; to see the possibilities in their futures, not be bound by limitations.  Our mission is to grow confidence and self-belief in all our pupils, encouraging children to set aspirational goals in their learning and personal development whilst also recognising and nurturing their individuality.  Our core role is to support children in whatever their journey to success looks like by ensuring any barriers and limitations are overcome and by celebrating with them, every step of the way!

Our Aims: these aims will support our vision being realised:

- To be a happy school by nurturing positive, mutually respectful relationships between all children and all adults

- Maintain a friendly community based on constructive and trusting partnerships between home and school so that we may work together for the good of the children.

- Recognise the uniqueness of every child; seek to know them individually, understanding both academic and personal characteristics so that individual needs are met, specific barriers to progress are overcome and individual milestones are celebrated.

- Provide excellent and inspiring teaching, with a focus on continual learning and progress at the heart so that children know how to learn, what helps them to learn and their personal strengths and areas for development.

- Provide a creative, innovative and experiential curriculum which engages the children and which meets both their individual needs and those of our unique community.

- Develop our children’s mental, social and emotional capacity; teach and support children to make positive choices in terms of their health and personal wellbeing;

- Help children to develop a tolerant and caring attitude, showing respect and understanding of others

- Explicitly teach and model values in action; develop children’s understanding of what is morally right and wrong and expect children to take responsibility for and understand the consequences of their actions.

- Commit to being the best professionals we can be by providing opportunities for all adults to develop professionally and to feel personally effective in our roles.

- Provide equality of opportunity in a fully inclusive and safe school environment

Above all, we will have high expectations for the children in our care and through every interaction we will show that we believe in them in order to encourage their confidence and ambition - so that they feel that ‘They Can and They Will

Core Values: these are the principles which drive our interactions and underpin the behaviours of all children and adults at Pilgrim Primary:








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