Pupil Exclusion

Please read this information in conjunction with the school’s Good Behaviour Policy


Fixed-term and Permanent Exclusion -​ It should be recognised that some behaviour warrants the pupil’s exclusion, but this is only for exceptional and rare cases.  A fixed-term exclusion is given for one or more days, with the pupil returning to school at the end of the fixed term.   A decision to exclude a pupil permanently will be taken only: 


a)In response to serious breaches of the school’s Behaviour Policy; and

b)If allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the pupil or others in the school


The school has adopted the standard guidance from the LEA which references the standard national list of reasons for exclusion. If the headteacher excludes a child for a fixed-term period, s/he informs the parents or carers immediately, giving reasons in writing for the exclusion, the period of exclusion and date of readmission meeting. Homework will be set the child.  The school has a duty to provide suitable full-time education for the excluded pupil from the sixth school day of any fixed period of exclusion of more than five consecutive school days. At the same time, the headteacher makes it clear to the parents or carers that they can, if they wish, appeal against the decision to the governing body. The school informs the parents or carers how to make any such appeal. 

The headteacher also informs the Local Governing Body. The Local Authority will also be notified about any fixed-term exclusion.


Permanent exclusion will usually be the final step in a process for dealing with disciplinary offences following a wide range of other strategies which have been tried without success. It is an acknowledgement by the school that it has exhausted all available strategies for dealing with the pupil. There will, however, be exceptional circumstances where, in the Head teacher’s judgement, it is appropriate to permanently exclude a pupil for a first or “one-off” offence.


Exclusions - The Right of Appeal and Legal Duties

In all cases of permanent exclusion, parents have the additional right to appeal to an independent appeal panel.  Local Authorities are under a duty to provide suitable full-time education from the sixth school day of a permanent exclusion.