Attendance and Illness

If your child is ill or absent for any reason, you need to ring the school office by 9.30 a.m. on the first day of absence and on a daily basis until your child returns to school.
We are allowed to give prescribed medicines in school as long as you have signed an idemnity form. 
Absence for illness will be authorised as long as your child's attendance remains at an acceptable level. When an unacceptable amount of illness occurs, we will ask for medical evidence to be provided proving that your child has been poorly. 
Medical Appointments
For routine dental/medical appointments please tell us in advance. (Surgeries are usually open outside school hours and you are advised to make appointments after school or during the holidays where possible). If you cannot get an out of school appointment and it is in the morning, then you must return your child to school for the afternoon session and vice versa for afternoon appointments.
Please make sure you provide evidence for all appointments.
If you bring your child to school after 8.55 a.m. please come to the school office with them to sign them in.
Lateness is monitored. It may mean your child loses an attendance mark. Frequent lateness is referred to the school Educational Welfare Officer and may be referred to the Local Authority Welfare Team.
Absence for Holidays
From September 2013 new government legislation says that all schools are unable to authorise any requests for absence relating to holidays in term time.
Headteachers are unable to grant leave unless there are exceptional circumstances. (Please refer  to exceptional circumstances document).
Any absence for holiday will be marked as unauthorised.
The local authority will be informed and will intervene if a child is absent from school for more than 5 days as a result of a holiday.
A fixed penalty notice (£60 fine) may well be issued and high levels of absence may result in prosecution.
If attendance falls below 90% (persistent absence) or parents fail to ensure their child attends school regularly, the City Council will consider prosecution.
Ofsted considers attendance of more than 96% for primary schools as being the right standard.  Attendance of 96% or above is considered 'regular attendance'.